Can I pair my iPhone or Android phone with my Mercedes-Benz?

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How do I use apple car play android auto with mercedes-benz infotainment

Integrating smartphone apps with Mercedes-Benz systems

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are equipped with some of the latest technology available in the luxury segment of the global automotive industry. Owners and drivers of Mercedes-Benz vehicles have a certain level of expectation and the automaker looks forward to exceeding those standards with every vehicle it produces. The latest trend in the automotive industry is to allow drivers to integrate their mobile devices with infotainment systems like Mercedes-Benz COMAND®. Several World Wide Motors’ customers have come into the dealership asking if Apple CarPlay and Android Auto apps are compatible with COMAND®. In short, yes both kinds of devices can be used with the systems found in many Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

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What can I do with Android Auto in my Mercedes-Benz?

By connecting your Android smartphone into the Mercedes-Benz COMAND® infotainment system, you will be able to get the best of what the phone has available without having to handle it. Making and receiving phone calls with your Android device can be done in a hands-free manner; allowing drivers to stay connected without running afoul of local laws. The same can be said of text messaging. Various Android Auto functions and applications can be controlled in a number of ways including through COMAND® wheel, hard buttons on the dashboard and on the steering wheel. Check out the video below for a clearer idea of what is possible.

How does Apple CarPlay work with my Mercedes-Benz?

Much like the previously mentioned Android system, Apple CarPlay connects to the Mercedes-Benz infotainment system via a USB cable. Owners will have the option of installing their primary iPhone’s profile or a temporary one for using a passenger’s iPhone. To make using Apple CarPlay applications and functions easier, a button on the steering wheel can be pressed to speak with Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant. Watch the video below for more information about using Apple CarPlay with the Mercedes-Benz COMAND® system.

Will these systems operate vehicle systems?

While applications from Apple CarPlay and Android Auto can do a lot of things, there are some limitations. Drivers will still need to use the standard methods of control for dealing with ambient lighting, seat adjustment and the massage feature if it is equipped on the vehicle.

If you have any questions about using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in your Mercedes-Benz vehicle, contact a World Wide Motors sales professional today.

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