Personalize Your Smartphone with a Mercedes-Benz Smartphone Cover

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Mercedes-Benz Smartphone Cover Collection and Portable Chargers

Mercedes-Benz Smartphone Cover Collection and Portable Chargers

If you feel a sense of pride for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle, or you’re just a passionate Mercedes-Benz enthusiast, you can extend your love of Mercedes-Benz to the smartphone realm, with the new Mercedes-Benz smartphone cover collection and portable power chargers.  

Mercedes-Benz Smartphone Cover Choices

Personalize Your Smartphone with a Mercedes-Benz Smartphone Cover The new Mercedes-Benz smartphone covers are offered in 20 high-quality variants and four product lines. Complementing the current Mercedes-Benz sedans and sports cars, they feature refined materials such as leather, aluminum and carbon fiber. Line 1 is inspired by the dynamic contours of the S-Class body, and combine sportiness and luxury. The aluminum cover is available trimmed with leather, carbon fiber or wood and with a painted finish. Line 2 reflect the luxurious interior of a Mercedes-Benz. They are produced in leather and, like the vehicle seats, feature a perforated design.

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Line 3 features a leather-covered hard case and book-type models and are based on the organic contours of the wood trim in the interior of the C-Class. Line 4 — which is inspired by the high-performance super sports cars — consist of hard case models in aluminum/black carbon fiber.

Mercedes-Benz Smartphone Portable Power Chargers

Mercedes-Benz partnered with CG Mobile for the portable smartphone power chargers. These high-quality power chargers with built-in lithium polymer rechargeable battery are available in two sizes and power capacity levels (5000 and 10,000 milliamperes-hour (mAh)). Shared features include the rapid USB port and four LED charge indicators. A USB charging cable is included. The raised metallic Mercedes star on the front of the black chargers rounds off the high-quality design.

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